OLPP undergoing Painting and Repair Renovations

The church building is currently undergoing painting job in its interior and exterior area.

“Tuluy-tuloy po ang pagpipintura ng ating simbahan #olpp kaya naman tuluy-tuloy din po ang pagtanggap natin ng inyong mga tulong. Kailangan pa po natin ng P 427,000.00.

Makipag-ugnayan lang po sa ating parish office para sa inyong tulong. Kahit magkano po ay lubos nating ipagpapasalamat (kung cheke ipangalan po sa Our Lady of Pentecost Parish). Wala pong maliit o malaki sa pusong handang magbigay. ” Fr Dennis’post

Masses continues at the church even if there’s scaffolding all around. Special wedding may be done at the Parish hall if the couple likes the idea.

Lenten Season at OLPP


LENT, Holy Week and Easter 2017

March 1    Beginning of the Lenten Season:

(Wed)      ASH WED, Day of Prayer, Fasting & Abstinence   
6:30AM  (Tagalog)/ 12 NN (English)/
6:30PM (Tagalog )/ 8PM(English)


March 14   Tagalog Lenten Recollection
Tues)        730pm  Venue : Parish Church
Speaker:  Fr Emmanuel “Pong” del Rosario
            Theme: Pagbabalik sa Pinagmulan,
Pananabik sa patutunguhan


March 9 Thurs     Xavierville Ave
March 10 Friday  Xavierville 1
March 15 Wed     Park 7
March 16 Thur     Daantubo
March 17 Fri         Xavierville 3
March 22 Wed     Lower Varsity
March 23 Thur     Escaler-Katipunan
March 24 Fri         Upper Varsity
March 29 Wed     Marytown
March 30 Thur     Ronas Garden
April 5 Wed          Xavierville 2
April 6 Thur          Jocson-Meralco

 Schedule of the Way of the Cross starts at 6:30pm.
Mass to be celebrated after the last station at the zone

April 9         PALM SUNDAY of the PASSION OF THE LORD

Blessing of Palms & Solemn Entry to the Church –   5:30AM
Starts at Franciscan Missionary  of the Sacred Heart
27 N. Reyes St. Varsity Hills
Bring shawl or alampay, malong for the Traditional “Paglalatag”
Regular Sunday Mass Schedule

  (Mon)     Speaker:   Bishop Pablo Virgilio “Ambo” David
Time:         730pm    Place:  OLPP Church

 (Tue)             PABASA NG PASYON
April 11 (730am) – April 12(3am)

 (Wed)         7:30pm

April 13      HOLY THURSDAY,  6:00AM
 (Thur)       Chrism Mass & Renewal of
Priestly Vows at the Immaculate Conception Cathedral;
No 630am Mass at OLPP

 (Thur)    Mass of the Lord’s Supper & Washing of the Feet – 5:30PM
Vigil – 7:00 pm to 12:00 Midnight


(The Holy Thursday Vigil begins after the 5:30PM   Mass on April 13 )
 7:00PM – 7:30PM        Daan Tubo
7:30PM – 8:00PM        Marytown
8:00PM – 8:30PM        Jocson Meralco
8:30PM – 9:00PM        Ronas Garden
9:00PM – 9:30PM        Xavierville 1
9:30PM – 10:00PM      Xavierville Ave.
Escaler – Katipunan
10:00PM – 10:30PM    Xavierville 3
10:30PM – 11:00PM    Xavierville 2
11:00PM – 11:30PM    Varsity Hills
11:30PM – 12:00PM     Park 7













April 14        FRIDAY OF THE PASSION                           
(Fri)               OF THE LORD

Grand Stations of the Cross – 6:00AM

Veneration of the Cross – 3:00 PM

Procession of the Santo Entierro

                           Start of Divine Mercy Novena after the procession

     April 15    HOLY SATURDAY

           (Sat)     LAUDS (Morning Prayer)
with Office of Readings  at 7:00 am






April 15  HOLY SATURDAY              

         (Sat)                    EASTER VIGIL — 8:00PM

Service of the Light
Blessing of the Fire

Lighting of the Paschal Candle
Procession into the Church
Easter Proclamation

Liturgy of the Word

Liturgy of Baptism

Blessing of Water

Renewal of Baptismal Promises

Liturgy of the Eucharist

Parish Fellowship after the Easter Vigil



     April 16     EASTER SUNDAY OF THE



  Salubong– Venue:  In front of the Church, C. Salvador  St.
     5:45am       (The Male Group with the Image of the Risen Christ at
Shrine, Xavierville2 the Female Group with the image
of Mary at Melchor Park)

April 23   Divine Mercy Sunday    Holy Hour at 3pm






 Year 2017: The Parish as a Communion of Communities. This is a year when we more deeply discern not only the structures of governance of our dioceses and parishes but also of the quality of faith life in the parish, the fellowship, belongingness, and participation experienced by its members. In a special way we shall probe into our efforts of making the parish a communion of communities, a communion of Basic Ecclesial Communities and of covenanted faith-communities and ecclesial movements. We shall discern and implement measures on how communities of consecrated life may be more integrated into the life and mission of the parish. In brief, our focus will be the building of a parish that is truly a faith community immersed in the lives of its people.


The ADVENT Season: Advent is the liturgical season that precedes and prepares for Christmas. It is a season of hope and of longing, of joyful expectation and of peaceful preparation. Many symbols and traditions are associated with Advent, especially the Advent Wreath with its four colored candles (three purple and one pink), but also Advent calendars, special Advent music, food, processions, and other traditions that may vary from one culture or region to the next. Here are a few interesting things to know about Advent:

When and how long is Advent?

  • For most Christians, the Advent Season always begins four Sundays before Christmas; so it is rarely four full weeks long, but only between three and four weeks, depending on what weekday Dec. 25 happens to be in a certain year. 
  • The First Sunday of Advent, which also marks the beginning of the new liturgical year for the Church, could be as early as Nov. 27 or as late as Dec. 3.
  •  The Third Sunday of Advent is traditionally called “Gaudete Sunday” (from Latin, meaning “Rejoice!), because the “Entrance Antiphon” of this Sunday’s Mass is taken from Paul’s letter to the Philippians: “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice! The Lord is near.” (Phil 4:4+5b)
  •  The Fourth Sunday of Advent could be as early as Dec. 18, a full week before Christmas (as in 2005 and 2011), or as late as Dec. 24, making it the same day as “Christmas Eve” (as in 2006 or 2017).
  • Advent technically ends of the afternoon of Dec. 24, since that evening, Christmas Eve, begins the Christmas Season.
  •  Most Eastern Orthodox and other Eastern Christian Churches have a “Nativity Fast” (now often called “Advent Fast”), which usually lasts forty days before Christmas; it may begin on Nov. 15 (for those Churches that celebrate Christmas on Dec. 25), or in late November (for those Churches that celebrate Christmas on Jan. 7 or 8).

What does the word “Advent” mean?
When capitalized, “Advent” usually refers to “the coming of Christ into the world” or to “the liturgical period preceding Christmas”; it may also refer to the “Second Coming” of Christ (the “Advent of our Lord”).  In secular English, “advent” (not capitalized) may refer to any “coming” or “arrival,” especially of something so important that it radically changed a whole culture (e.g., “The advent of electricity” or “The advent of the computer age”).  The word is derived from the Latin adventus (“arrival, approach”), made up of the preposition ad- (“to, towards”), the verbal root ven- (from venire, “to come”), and the suffix – tus (indicating verbal action).  The word is very similar in many other European languages: Advent, Advento, Avent, Avvento, Adviento, etc.

 Highlights of 17th Parish Fiesta

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15 May 2016  SUNDAY
8:30am & 10:30am  KARAKOL

15 May 2016  Sunday
Presider: Most Rev. Honesto F. Ongtioco, D.D.

 Click here to open the Special Edition Online Newsletter —>Spirit in The Wind – May 2016 Fiesta Issue – OLPP

24 hours for the Lord

In this Jubilee Year of Mercy, Pope Francis is inviting every parish around the world to open its doors for the 24 hours for the Lord, to rediscover God’s mercy through Eucharistic Adoration and confession. In our parish, our vigil is on  March 4 Friday from 7:00am to March 5 Sat  7:00am.

Confessions will be available during the vigil on March 4 Friday from 7:00am to 10:00am and 7:00pm to 12 midnight. This will also serve as our Kumpisalang Bayan this Lenten Season.

All are invited to come anytime.   This is a good way to make this Year of Mercy truly meaningful and fruitful.

Lenten Recollection


Lector and Commentators Outreach Program

Last Feb 27,  the MLC group  visited 100+ sick kids of Philippine Children’s Medical Center.

mlcoutreach2   mlcoutreach

Mass Wedding

11 couples say their I dos here in the parish.  Some couples have been living together for a decade or more and their first time to received the sacrament.  The reception follows at the parish hall and received their gifts from the parish. Everything is free.


Fr Dennis concelebrated mass With Bishop Nes last Dec 17 at the Camp Karingal for 607 Dormers.  Social Services and Development Ministry provided sandwiches and toiletries such as bath soap and baby powder. We also prepared a short program for them to make them happy.  Bishop Nes and Fr Dennis danced with the dormers adding them smile in their faces.



Christmas eve & New Year’s Masses; thanks to the Mass sponsors, zones, ministries, mandated organizations,  PPC, Barangay & homeowners associations;  for the donations;   for the celebrants, for the Church decorations  with Fr. Dennis providing the ideas.  Worship head, lectors & commentators, Eucharistic ministers,music ministry, youth & office, for powerpoint, altar servers,   MBGs for Church prep,  & Greeters & Collectors.