Brief profile of the Parish Patron

She stands by the door of the church, welcoming everyone into the home of her Son.  She holds the flame of Pentecost close to her heart, treasuring the Spirit which she has received.  Her other arm is outstretched, inviting everyone to share in the gifts of the Spirit.  Her eyes are the eyes of a mother, looking down with tenderness on her children who gather at her feet to pray.

icon1During her earlier days, she was a brown Asian Mary, dressed in vivid red and blue, at home in the parish’s small chapel.  Before the transfer to the new church, she underwent transformation.  “We realized that the beauty of the Brown Madonna would not come out in the bright setting of the new church”, says Architect VeepeePinpin.  “So we gave her lighter colors, gold highlights.  What emerged is a more glorious Mary, and yet also a quieter Mary.”

It was Fr. CatalinoArevalo SJ who proposed the name Our Lady of Pentecost.  He writes: “Prayer, faith, longing, contemplation.  We would hope that you who are the first parish of Pentecost will remember that in your lives – in your lives with your families, in the life of your community, this prayer of longing for the Spirit, this begging for the coming of the Spirit into your lives and in the life of the community, should be authentically present”.  Fr. Arevalo continues, “Pentecost is not just faith and prayer, it is not just a communion, it is also mission… When the Spirit of Jesus comes as it did on Mary and the community, they go forth in mission.  There is the mission that specializes in contemplation.  There is the mission of those who labor to spread the Gospel throughout the world.”

Brief history of the parish

Our Lady of Pentecost Parish was founded on May 23, 1999 by His Eminence Jaime Cardinal Sin.  It was a parish that started with no structure, no lot, no church, no office, and no convent.  Weekend Masses were held in the barangay basketball court, while weekday Masses were held in the barangay basketball court, while weekday Masses were held in the garage of a borrowed house.  This house was the temporary chapel, office and convent in the parish’s first 3 years of existence.

In 2002, the parish moved to a modest house and lot (468sq m) at #12 F. dela Rosa cor C. Salvador Sts. It provided the parish a “home” they could call their own.  The sala was turned into a chapel, the dining room into a parish office, the master’s bedroom into a conference room and the rest into a convent.

In 2003, the parish finally acquired a 981 sq. m property across its present chapel, on which it plans to build its church.  Constructing this church is the next big project of the parish! As the parish continues to grow and flourish into a compassionate and serving community, the need for a dedicated place for worship and fellowship, and facilities to develop social and pastoral projects is essential.  This parish church is and will be built and supported by the strength, patience and perseverance of the parishioners and its benefactors under the patronage of Our Lady of Pentecost.

Rev. Fr. Steven C. Zabala serves as the first parish priest.  The parish includes Xavierville 1,2,3; Park7, Daantubo, Marytown, Ronas Garden, Varsity Hills and the Katipunan area opposite Ateneo.

In June 2006, Rev. Jose S. Tupino III assumes as the second parish priest of Our Lady of Pentecost.

On the Feast of the Annunciation of Mary last March 26, 2012, Rev. Fr. Dennis S. Soriano was installed as the third parish priest of the Our Lady of Pentecost.

The Fourth Parish Priest, Rev. Fr. Herbel  F. Torres was installed last Nov. 16. 2018, he served as Deacon and assistant Parish Priest during the time of Fr. Bong Tupino.  He is now the assistant Oeconomus of the Diocese of Cubao.



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