What is BEC?

Basic Ecclesial Community. BEC is the church itself at its smallest level.
It is a new way of being a church that is concerned with all aspects of the life
of the person and of the community.  It is a small caring group of families
in the neighborhood that fosters lay leadership and partnership in the mission
of evangelization and in which the fullness of Christian discipleship is actualized.

BEC Pastoral Team 

Composition and Organization:
The BEC Pastoral Team is a representative body with the following set of officers
and members

Asst. Coordinator
2 Youth Representatives

Zones and Kawans

Pamayanang Upper Varsity

Pamayanang Lower Varsity

Pamayanang Xavierville 1

Pamayanang Xavierville 2

Pamayanang Xavierville 3

Pamayanang Xavierville Ave

Pamayanang Escaler – Katipunan

Pamayanang Daantubo
1) Daantubo1
2) Daantubo2
3) Daantubo3

Pamayanang Marytown
1) Sapa
2) Gitna
3) Dulo

Pamayanang Ronas Gardem
1) Block 1
2) Block 2
3) Block 3
4) Block 4
5) Block 5
6) Block 6

Pamayanang Jocson – Meralco

Pamayanang Park 7
1) Bungad
2) Gitna
3) Dulo


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