Liturgical Services


Schedule of Services

Masses – Mon (English)/Wed/Fri (Tagalog) Tue/Thur(English)— 6:30am & 6:30pm
Saturday(English)— 6:30am
Anticipated Saturday (English) Mass 5:30pm,7:00pm

Sunday – 6:30am (English), 8:00am(Tagalog), 9:30am(English),12nn(English)
4:00pm(Tagalog), 5:30pm(English),7:00pm (English)

Confession – every Friday 6am and 6pm, Sun-9am;
Additional Confession Hours
Saturday 6am and 5pm
Sunday 5pm
Baptism–  Regular Baptism every Sunday 11am / Special Baptism – by appointment

Weddings: by appointment

Annointing of the Sick – anytime by appointment

Office Hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 7:00am- 12nn 1:30pm- 5:00pm;
No Office on Mondays and Holidays (Regular and Special Non-working)


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