Ministry & Organizations

Parish Pastoral Council – The PPC is the  pastoral arm of the parish with the mandate of “fostering pastoral activity.”  It is responsible for planning and policy-formulation, as well as for providing broad guidance and direction to the structures in the parish.  It deals with issues and concerns affecting the Church and the world in general, and concentrates on developing priorities and overall resolutions with regard to issues and concerns identified.  It also deals with long range and short range goals and objectives and designs those procedures and processes by which the pastoral work of the Church is to be accomplished.


  • Parish Pastoral Council Coordinator
  • Asst. Parish Pastoral Council Coordinator
  • Parish Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Auditor

Worship Ministry – to provide for orderly, animated and meaningful liturgical celebration, especially of the Eucharist and the sacraments, and other para-liturgical activities in the parish and in diff. BEC Zone and Areas; to promote the growth and deepen commitment of the different liturgical ministries and organizations meant to enhance worship life; to promote devotion to the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary, particularly Our LAdy of Pentecost, the patronness of the parish.

Ministry of Lectors and Commentators
Extraordinary Ministers of the Holy Communion
Mother Butlers Guild
Ministry of Greeters and Collectors
Ministry for Altar Servers
Music Ministry
Media and Communications Ministry
Apostleship of Prayer
Family Rosary Crusade

Public Affairs Ministry –   To implement programs for the three sub-ministries: (a) Women – to foster awareness of women issues and their equality in Christian dignity in the Church  and in society and to implement special programs to assist domestic helpers, overseas workers or wives of overseas workers, as well as victims of abuse and violence; (b) Political Affairs – to work for the transformation of the political order, oppose legistration that contradicts Gospel values and Christian doctrine, and to assist in ensuring fair and honest elections; (c) Ecology – to promote the proper care and development of natural resources and the environment as stewards of God’s creation.

Social Services and Development Ministry – To implement community service and development programs to promote the general well-being and improve the quality of life in the parish, specially among the  marginalized; to promote social awareness through conscientization activities on current social concerns; to maintain continuous and effective liason with public and private organizations involved in community service.

Family and Life Ministry – To implement programs that support and strengthen the dignity, harmony and stability of the family, the domestic church, the first school of evangelization; to deepen appreciation and enlightenment on the sacredness of life, importance of sacramental marriage, responsible parenthood, enrichment of married/family life; to provide assistance or guidance to address special problems of different members of the family

Education and Formation Ministry – To provide spiritual formation to deepen faith and commitment, as well as pastoral formation to ugrade skills in pastoral management; to deepen knowledge of the Word of God as the means to sustain and nourish BEC’s;  to promote effective catechesis on renewal in the Church, according to the teachings of Vatican II, PCP II and PCM II.

Youth Ministry – To provide for the formation and organization of youth to realize their potential, elicit their participation in church activities and to prepare them as future parish leaders; to mobilize youth as instruments of evangelization among youth and for others; and to implement programs that would build enthusiasm and goodwill among youth and that would address special needs of the youth.

  • BINHI  (13 – 16 years old)
  • BUKAL (17-21 years old)
  • SIKLAB (22-39 years old)

Catechetical Ministry
Tahanan ng Panginoon
Legion of Mary


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