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We praise and thank the Holy Spirit together with the Lady of Pentecost for inspiring us as a community, we are filled with joy and hope this fiesta celebration.

For this year’s fiesta, we focused on the connection of the Year of the Laity and the Apostolic Exhortation of  Pope Francis with the Fiesta theme “Proclaiming the Joy of the Gospel in the Year of the Laity”. Nine priests reflected on our daily theme during the novena masses from May 30 to June 7, with Bishop Mylo Vergara of the Diocese of Pasig, kicking off the novena. We also invited Fr Joe Quilongquilong SJ, Fr Gilbert Dumlao, Fr Jojo Simon, Fr Raymond Arre, Fr Jeffrey Quintela, Fr. Jojo Monis and Fr. Arvie Bello. On the last day of novena, there was a renewal of commitment for all volunteers and each received a Choose to be Brave shirt.                                                                  karakol2014

KARAKOL 2014   A lot of first times happened in this Fiesta :  first time to dance the Karakol, first time
the Bishop dance with us. The parishioners love it.  You can feel its a joyous day. I guess, we are the first parish to invite Bishop Nes to dance in the Karakol. He mentioned it during the fiesta mass that he’s just waiting for somebody to dance him like David’s way of thanking God for the safe return of the ark of covenant. Samuel 6:14) by Jenny Libatique

for complete video coverage watch us at

Official website of the Our Lady of Pentecost Parish –www.


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