From the storyFLTF Two fish logo of the miraculous feeding of the five thousand (John 6:1-15); so little for so many;
an offering from a little boy;  blessed by the Lord. There were 12 baskets of left over.


It is a way of life marked by the humble acceptance that everything belongs to the Lord and that all that we are and have are gifts from the Lord.
Stewardship is living a life of deep faith and trust in the Lord, offering back to Him, in love, gratitude and praise, what is truly His.

Five loaves and two fish represent the gifts we have received from the Lord. The boy with five loaves and two fish represents all of us,
invited to entrust everything to Jesus, however little – the Lord multiplies to feed the hungry. Here is a clear picture of stewardship.

THIS STEWARDSHIP MOVEMENT reminds all OLPP parishioners that we are like the little boy with our own five loaves and two fish, being invited to trust the Lord and share monetary offerings, which the Lord wishes to use in His wondrous ways. This stewardship movement employs voluntary regular giving (preferably monthly) of an amount that the individual freely decides as a fruit of prayerful discernment.  Five Loaves, Two Fish: Stewardship at OLPP is a voluntary monthly pledging program.

Deciding how much to offer regularly can be a true challenge. We propose the “KKK” formula:

a. KAILANGAN – Ano ang pangangailangan? What are the needs?
b. KAYA – Magkano ang kaya kong ibigay buwan-buwan? How much can I afford to offer every month?
c. KUSANG-LOOB – Magkano ang kaya kong ibigay ng kusang-loob? How much can I offer in gratitude with all my heart?

How much one can afford to offer monthly and wholeheartedly is something that is answered personally in the spirit of prayerful discernment, but what are the needs?
Offerings through stewardship will be used to support the following:

  •  BINHI – the catechetical program of the parish, where volunteer catechists holds catechism classes to about 700 children every week;
  • SIKAP or Suporta para sa Iskolar na KAParokya, where the parish gives educational assistance to 130 children in elementary, high school and vocational
  • The different pastoral programs of the parish, such as worship, formation, social services, family and life, youth, public affairs, and BEC;
  • The maintenance of the church and other facilities;
  • and later on, possible contribution to the diocese.

Guiding Principles of “Five Loaves, Two Fish: Stewardship in OLPP

  1. All that I am and all that I have are God’s gifts;
  2. I truly have nothing of my own, and I trust in God who will give me all that I need;
  3. I thank the Lord for His gracious gifts to me: His gifts of creation, time, talent, treasure, health, relationships and faith;
  4. In gratitude, trust and love, I offer them back to Him, to be shared especially to His children who are most in need;
  5. The Lord will never be outdone in generosity; He will use wondrously the little that I have to offer.

Make checks payable to OLPP STEWARDSHIP

Be a Steward — DOWNLOAD and SIGN UP HERE click this >>>>  pledge form 




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